Drake Marvels At Lengthy Recap Of His 2018 Accomplishments

Drake Marvels At Lengthy Recap Of His 2018

What does it take to be number one?

There once was a moment when Drake starred in a leading role on a beloved Canadian series, his dreams of rap game dominance far from manifestation. Yet somehow, the rapper found himself rising at an exponential rate; fast forward to 2018, where it’s safe to call Drizzy one of the biggest artists in the world.


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Even those fatigued of his presence are hard pressed to deny his ubiquity; its entirely possible that somewhere out there, Pusha T is muttering “yes, but I have the album of the year.

Drake Marvels At Lengthy Recap Of His 2018 Accomplishments

” Still, despite having his hidden child revealed to the world, and being served a harsh reality check on the rules (or lackthereof) of rap beef, Drake has emerged from one of his biggest years to date unscathed – with receipts, no less.

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In light of “Sicko Mode” securing the number one spot, Drake took to Instagram to indulge in a bit of self-congratulation. Sharing a message from his manager Future The Prince, Drake reveals how powerful his run truly was. Citing Billboard alone, Drake’s list of accomplishment reads longer than a reply from a scorned lover. Twenty-seven number one spots, including Top Overall Artist, #1 Hot 100 Artist, #1 Streaming Songs Artist, #1 Hot 100 Male, and much more


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